Vision 2025

What are hellozurich’s goals? Who actually finances our project? And what can you do to ensure the long-term survival of our independent city magazine? The News section provides transparent updates on what is going well at hellozurich and what improvements we need to make to achieve our goals.

Our goals – where are we going?

hellozurich is keen to diversify further as part of its mission to be Zurich’s number one magazine. For us, it is important to remain an independent magazine with responsible journalism that is available to all free of charge. We will continue to pursue our aim of supporting small, local producers. We also want to establish a sustainable business model and pay fair wages.

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Financing – the cost of hellozurich

Our work costs money. Below you will find a breakdown of how much we need and how we spend it, along with our long-term financial plan. It shows which four hellozurich divisions contribute to turnover and make it possible to produce our bilingual city magazine.

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We need your help

hellozurich needs your help to survive. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can become a supporter and get the hellozurichPass or visit the hellozurichShop to buy local products from our partners. And if you really identify with our vision, why not become a shareholder in hellozurich?

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