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Yoga in a Bag • Monthly subscription for free

Recharge your batteries: Yoga in a Bag gives holders of the hellozurichPass a monthly subscription worth 250 francs each.

Yoga in a Bag is your boutique yoga studio in Kreis 9 in Zurich. It's a place where you feel welcome and completely at ease. In the midst of your hectic everyday life, you'll find a retreat at Yoga in a Bag where you can relax and recharge your batteries. Practice different styles of yoga in manageable, personalised groups and get all the attention you need for a healthy yoga practice that suits you. Get what you need to stay relaxed and happy in your daily life at Yoga in a Bag.

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Yoga in a Bag
Hohlstrasse 481
8048 Zurich
+41 78 686 23 23