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Ordnungswunder • A 250-franc discount on a wardrobe detox

Feel happiness instead of frustration when you look inside your wardrobe: hellozurichPass holders can get 250 francs off a 4- or 6-hour wardrobe detox with Ordnungswunder.

Dagmar Schäfer is an organisation coach and can give your wardrobe a complete makeover. After a detailed analysis of your needs, your belongings are cleared out and let go. Then your wardrobe is optimally and systematically rearranged. Dagmar puts together outfits from your existing wardrobe for different occasions that match your style and meet your practical needs. A wardrobe detox will save you a lot of time and frustration in the future.

This is how you redeem the benefit

This offer is no longer available. You will find more exclusive offers and ongoing discounts here.



Dagmar Schäfer
Favreweg 4
8304 Wallisellen
+41 79 916 89 25