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Just over a year ago, we took our city magazine online, and we made the deliberate decision not to crowdfund. For one, we wanted to prove to you – and even to ourselves – that it was possible to launch a new online magazine for Zurich. A magazine that has its finger on the pulse and puts the people of our city front and centre. A magazine that people like to read. One year later, we can report back with pride that we did it: the numbers say it all.

Help us give Zurich the face it deserves.

Become a hellozurich member and support your city magazine for just five francs a month. You will be helping us give Zurich the face it deserves, well into the future. Good to know: we are not out to make a profit, but are instead looking to cover the magazine’s operating costs in the medium term.

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Members are invited to suggest topics and thereby actively help to shape the magazine.

Just drop in – we’ve got candy!

It's easy to find us. Our office is located at Zeltweg 25, in the heart of Zurich. We look forward to your visit. Please let us know in advance when you’re coming so that we can keep our schedules free for you.

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We are keen to explore Zurich. How about you?

As a hellozurich member, you support the independent city magazine for five francs a month and enjoy many benefits.