Where are we going?

We have big plans. Our Vision 2025 can be summed up in these eight guiding principles. Click on each goal to find out more.

We have achieved a huge amount since launching the magazine in September 2017. Every month, our posts on all channels attract more than 4.5 million hits – and the trend is upwards. This means we are already the biggest independent online medium for the greater Zurich area. But if we are to challenge the big players, we need to make improvements in certain areas.

With one or two exceptions, our main focus in the first two-and-a-half years has been on culture, nightlife, food and drink, sustainability, trends, local shopping, and the history and urban development of Zurich. These will remain key areas, but we plan to enhance them with articles that shed greater light on the diversity of our multicultural city. We believe this offers a rich seam of untapped potential, away from the mainstream.

In summer 2020, hellozurich began offering shares to its staff and to people who support hellozurich and believe in our vision. We plan to continue in this vein.

Sensational journalism, rants, politically motivated reporting... this is not our style. We are still keen to highlight who and what is causing a stir in Zurich, but we always treat our protagonists with respect. hellozurich stands for a diverse and tolerant city.

hellozurich does not have a paywall or compulsory login. We want everyone to be able to read our articles. It’s up to the readers to decide what our content is worth. Even a one-off contribution helps us to achieve our ambitious goals. hellozurich is also published in English, allowing us to reach sections of the community who don’t read German-language media.

We are committed to supporting small businesses and shops by highlighting them in our articles and through the hellozurichShop, which offers them an attractive sales channel. Most of the products in our online store are not available from major wholesalers.

Journalism costs money. We don’t want to stagger from one crowdfunding appeal to the next, so we are focusing on four business areas: the magazine (since 2017), the hellozurichPass (since 2020), the hellozurichShop (from October 2020) and the hellozurichAgency (since 2017). Media users are increasingly unwilling to pay for journalistic content and the advertising market is gradually drying up, so we have come up with a business model that is designed to enable cross-financing of the magazine. The four business areas complement each other while benefiting from being part of the overall hellozurich brand.

Many media companies, large and small, are making savings at the expense of their employees – either by paying low wages or by restructuring their operations, which ramps up the pressure on editorial staff. Right from the start, the hellozurich team have always been paid a fair wage.