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Vox language school • 30% discount

With the hellozurichPass, you can get a 30% discount on individual classes at the Vox language school. This saves you up to 36 francs per hour.

Vox students learn in an intimate, modern and stimulating environment right in the middle of Zurich and Winterthur in groups of up to five participants. Learning in such small groups allows every student to receive personalised coaching. Every student is given tailored support to meet their needs. Each class is led by a professional teacher with a university background and extensive teaching experience. The learning process at Vox is a matter of having fun because learning with joy naturally leads to personal enrichment.

This is how you redeem your voucher

Mention that you have a hellozurichPass when you book and provide the pass number. You can find this on your hellozurichPass or in your profile. Please take your hellozurichPass to your first lesson.



Vox Sprachschule
Zähringerstrasse 51
8001 Zurich
+41 44 22 111 33