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Swiss-Chalet Merlischachen • Free overnight stay

Swiss-Chalet in Merlischachen is offering hellozurichPass holders a free overnight stay for two people in a lakeside room at the Schloss-Hotel****, including buffet breakfast, worth 250 francs.

Swiss-Chalet Merlischachen is a unique destination with an elegant castle-like hotel and park on Lake Lucerne, and a homely chalet hotel. The Swiss-Chalet restaurant offers fine meals made with regional ingredients and benefits from a terrace. In summer, the Badi-Lounge entices guests to come and relax, and the region draws in visitors with its many attractions. Swiss-Chalet Merlischachen is extremely popular for its unforgettable weddings. In autumn and winter, concerts, classical music, parties, wine tastings and guest chefs provide plenty of entertainment.

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Swiss-Chalet Merlischachen
Luzernerstrasse 204
6402 Merlischachen
+41 41 854 54 54