Les Halles • Free 80-franc voucher

Les Halles restaurant is giving hellozurichPass holders a voucher worth 80 francs to dine at their restaurant

Moules et frites, c’est chic. Les Halles is a combination of a restaurant, a grocery store and an urban garden. The kitchen is the centre of a pulsing nervous system that constantly seems on the brink of collapse. Waiters bustle through the commotion while new arrivals struggle to get their bearings – finally managing to place their orders at the bar. Once they’ve found their seat, they cross their fingers that the server will be able to find it too and pass the time with a few snacks that they picked up from the buffet on their way over.

This is how you redeem the benefit

This offer is no longer available. You will find more exclusive offers and ongoing discounts here.



Les Halles
Pfingstweidstrasse 6
8005 Zurich
+41 44 273 11 25