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Kenner • 1 free shirt and 3-for-2 offer

This men’s outfitter is giving hellozurichPass holders a free tailored shirt. There is also an exclusive 3-for-2 offer on pocket squares, ties and belts.

Kenner clothing is tailor-made for its customers. Not only can you purchase tailored suits, but also individual items such as trousers, waistcoats, jackets, coats and, of course, shirts. The made-to-measure suits and shirts are produced in Europe by manufacturers with many years of experience. Those who already have a suit can stock up on stylish accessories such as ties, pocket squares and belts at Kenner.

This is how you redeem the benefit

Mention that you are a hellozurichPass holder and show your hellozurichPass. The 3-for-2 offer is only valid for ties, pocket squares and belts. hellozurichPass holders will get the accessory with the lowest price for free.



Müllerstrasse 45
8004 Zurich
+41 44 552 05 88