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Farmy • 25 francs discount

Fresher than in the supermarket: with the hellozurichPass you get a 25 franc discount on your order at Farmy. The discount can be redeemed once per user.

With a huge selection of products from over 1'200 authentic producers, Farmy provides you with fine, fresh food in Switzerland - 2-5 days fresher than in the supermarket. Whether it's your normal weekly shopping including pasta, cat food and shampoo, a big brunch for the whole family - or a cocktail party with friends: Farmy has everything you need - and delivers your order conveniently to your door.

This is how you redeem your voucher

The discount code will only be shown to hellozurichPass holders who are logged in. Log in to your profile or redeem the pass. With the discount code you will receive 25 francs off your order at Farmy. The offer can be redeemed once per user.