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Cryotherapy Centre Cryoduct • 20% discount

Coolest Place in Town: With the hellozurichPass you get a 20% discount on the 10- and 20-person cards as well as the welcome package (3 treatments) from the Cryodukt cold chamber.

Just imagine: In just a few seconds you'll have a clear head. After a few minutes of cold stimulation in the -110°C cold chamber, you feel refreshed and invigorated, your head is clear and your mind is clear. Do it like the professional athletes and stars and use the power of cold to increase your performance and to achieve more well-being and vitality. The modern Cryotherapy Centre at Viadukt in the middle of Kreis 5 is the first and only electric high-performance -110 °C cold chamber in Zurich. Here you can boost your fitness and performance, support your pain relief, strengthen your immune system, recharge your energy or simply refresh your mood.



Cryotherapy Centre Cryodukt
Heinrichstrasse 215
8005 Zürich
+41 44 572 32 10