You will find everything you need to know about the hellozurichPass on this page. But if you still have a question, please send us an email.

1. How can I enjoy the permanent benefits and enter the prize draws?

You have access to all the benefits when you buy a hellozurichPass. The prize draws are limited ‘special offers’ for hellozurichPass holders.

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2. How much does the hellozurichPass cost?

The hellozurichPass provides the following options:

1 week: 4 francs
1 month: 16 francs

3. How many times can I use an offer and enter prize draws?

Most offers are permanent offers. You can use them every day for as long as your hellozurichPass is valid. Each individual offer explains what you need to do.

Individual offers are limited in number and the winners are drawn from all hellozurichPass holders who enter. You can enter every draw as long as your hellozurichPass is valid.

4. What are my chances of winning a prize draw?

There are currently around 1000 hellozurichPass holders. Your chances depend on the number of vouchers per draw and the number of participants. You can enter several draws at the same time – it doesn’t affect your chances of winning.

5. How are the winners selected in prize draws?

When you click on ‘Enter the prize draw’ you are automatically entered in the draw. You will also receive a confirmation email. A random generator draws the winners after the closing date. The winners receive their voucher by email. You can still win if your hellozurichPass has expired at the time of the draw.

6. I have received a voucher by email. What do I do now?

On the bottom right of the voucher you will see some instructions on how to redeem it.

7. Can I give my hellozurichPass to someone else?

No, only you can use the permanent offers, exclusive discounts and vouchers that you have received. The vouchers bear your name and a unique number.

8. If I buy my hellozurichPass now, when can I start using it?

The hellozurichPass is valid immediately. You will receive your electronic pass by email within a few seconds. Then you can save your pass in a wallet app on your phone, as a pdf, take a screenshot or print it out. You can also download the pass in your profile.

9. Can I use an offer if I don’t have my hellozurichPass with me?

If you don’t have your phone with you, you can use another phone to log in to your profile, where you can view your pass as a PDF or in a wallet.

10. Where can I log in to my profile to download the hellozurichPass, extend it or change my details?

Log in here to access your profile. You can also access it at hellozurich.ch via the menu icon (three lines) at the top of the page.

11. Where can I buy a hellozurichPass?

Create a profile here and purchase your hellozurichPass.

12. How do I automatically extend my hellozurichPass?

Go to your profile and check ‘Extend automatically after expiry’.