You will find everything you need to know about the hellozurichPass on this page. But if you still have a question, please send us an email or call us on: +41 44 370 25 25.

1. How many times can I use an offer?

Most offers are always valid. You can use them every day for as long as your hellozurichPass is valid. Each individual offer explains what you need to do.

Some offers are limited-time and limited-quantity offers. You can only use them once. The blue bar shows how many offers are still available and when they will expire.

All offers

2. The offer says ‘20 still available’. Does it mean I can definitely claim the offer or is it a lottery?

You can definitely claim it. Click on ‘Claim offer’ and within a few seconds you will receive an email containing your personal voucher. But you need to be quick off the mark if it’s a limited offer.

3. The blue bar above one offer says: ‘Starts in 3 days’. What time can I claim the offer?

One day before the offer starts, the time appears in the blue bar.

4. I have received a voucher by email. What do I do now?

On the bottom right of the voucher you will see some instructions on how to redeem it.

5. Can I give my hellozurichPass to someone else?

No, only you can use the permanent offers, exclusive discounts and vouchers that you have received. The vouchers bear your name and a unique number.

6. How much does the hellozurichPass cost?

The hellozurichPass provides the following options:

1 month: 16 francs
3 months: 36 francs (25% discount)
1 year: 96 francs (50% discount)

7. If I buy my hellozurichPass now, when can I start using it?

The hellozurichPass is valid immediately. You will receive your electronic pass by email within a few seconds. Then you can save your pass in a wallet app on your phone, as a pdf, take a screenshot or print it out. You can also download the pass in your profile (see also question 8).

8. How do I get the hellozurichPass in credit card format to keep in my wallet?

If you have purchased an annual pass, you will automatically receive a hellozurichPass in credit card format in addition to the electronic pass. We will post it to you within three working days. The 1-month and 3-month passes are only available in electronic format.

9. Can I use an offer if I don’t have my hellozurichPass with me?

If you don’t have your phone or your credit card pass with you, you can use another phone to log in to your profile, where you can view your pass as a PDF or in a wallet.

10. Where can I log in to my profile to download the hellozurichPass, extend it or change my details?

Log in here to access your profile. You can also access it at hellozurich.ch via the menu icon (three lines) at the top of the page.

11. Where can I buy a hellozurichPass?

Create a profile here and purchase your hellozurichPass.

12. How do I automatically extend my hellozurichPass?

Go to your profile and check ‘Extend automatically after expiry’.

13. Kann ich den hellozurichPass auch verschenken?

Yes, just click here.