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Rechberg 1837 • 20% discount

Original ingredients from the region: with the hellozurichPass you get a 20% discount on your consumption at Restaurant Rechberg 1837.

At their home in Zurich's Altstatt, the Rechberg 1837 team takes what nature gives them and turns it into an eventful menu. Their work is based entirely on their network of farmers, growers and producers. Small, nature-oriented, local farms with a focus on old, local varieties of vegetables and grains and original animal breeds bring whatever is ripe to Rechberg 1837. These ingredients are used to create a culinary journey in the form of a menu. During the week, you can take the journey in three or six courses. Weekends are for lingering, so only the more elaborate version is served then. The evening is accompanied by a wide range of Swiss wines and homemade drinks.

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Show your valid hellozurichPass when ordering.



Rechberg 1837
Chorgasse 20
8001 Zürich
+41 44 222 18 37