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Stadtjaeger from Mikas • Online shop • 20% discount

Stadtjaeger sausages from Mikas are 20% cheaper with the hellozurichPass. The Stadtjaeger is probably the most local sausage in the city.

The Stadtjaeger is made by hand in small batches and is a product of Zurich from start to finish. The cured sausage is 100-percent made from the meat of organic animals in the city of Zurich. Mikas is a small Zurich-based business that makes exquisite meat products. Every product meets the highest standards, from species-specific animal husbandry to gentle and purifying processing, right through to manufacture.

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Mikas – Stadt Fleisch Wurst
Friedheimstrasse 4a
8057 Zurich
+41 44 370 27 34