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Kleihd • Hire clothes for 6 instead of 2 weeks

Rent rather than buy – with the hellozurichPass, you can keep clothes from Kleihd for 4 weeks longer or save an average of 20 francs per dress.

Non-profit association Kleihd wants to create an alternative to fast fashion, with borrowing instead of buying. The textile industry contributes significantly to global warming. It is therefore necessary to effect change in this area. Borrowing, swapping and buying second hand reduces the need for new clothing production. The Kleihd range includes gowns for special occasions as well as fashion essentials for daily wear.

This is how you redeem your voucher

Show your hellozurichPass at the till when you pay.



Idastrasse 28
8003 Zurich
+41 79 338 06 16