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Boda Borg Rümlang • 30% discount

Fun, games and thrills in a team: With the hellozurichPass, you get 4 hours of play time at the Boda Borg Rümlang for the price of 2 hours.

As a team, you experience adventures and solve a variety of challenges together. 24 varied quests (75 game rooms) are available and you can switch back and forth at any time. You play whatever you feel like. If you solve the task in the first room of a quest, you move on to the next room and so on until the quest is mastered. All quests require teamwork and brains, some also require skill. Boda Borg is not only suitable for families, friends or colleagues, but is also very popular as a team event.

This is how you redeem your voucher

Show your valid hellozurichPass at the entrance. You get 4 hours of playtime for the price of 2 hours. This offer is only valid for holders of the hellozurichPass.



Boda Borg 
Riedmatt Center Rümlang, 1. Stock
Oberglatterstrasse 35
8153 Rümlang
+41 44 818 70 00