How to make the holidays fun

Photo: Fiona Knecht

Trips have been cancelled. Big family brunches have been postponed. But thanks to Zurich’s 3D bunnies, crispy and buttery biscuits and captivating tales, the whole family can still have a great Easter break during the pandemic.

Make your own Easter bunnies

In her store on Hohlstrasse, Fiona K. sells silk scarves that she designs herself. The Zurich designer also loves creating 3D objects. This year, she was supposed to be helping with the Easter decorations in Bogen 12, but because the restaurant in the viaduct has had to close due to the coronavirus, she’s sharing her Easter craft creations with everyone in Zurich: use the code ‘Ostern20’ to download the model kit and print it out on A4 card.

Bake Easter biscuits

These biscuits aren’t just for Christmas! The Easter holidays also deserve something sweet. Even little ones can help with this simple recipe. Mix together 220 grams of flour, 120 grams of sugar, a packet of vanilla sugar, an egg and 125 grams of soft butter. Halve the dough. Knead a tablespoon of cocoa powder into one half. Wrap the dough halves in cling film and put them in the fridge for 30 minutes. Then roll them out on some flour. Cut out biscuit shapes using an Easter cutter. Bake at 170 degrees for about 10 minutes. Let the Guetzli cool down and decorate with icing.

Travel through Switzerland with Helvetiq

Easter trips have been cancelled, but you can still get to know Switzerland better with Helvetiq, the game where every player takes a different political course and tries to gain as much power as possible. The strategy game is rounded off with a quiz about Switzerland. A game takes around 20 minutes. It can be played by children who are 8+ and with 2+ players.

Journey across Switzerland with Rascals on the Road

The film Rascals on the Road takes viewers on a journey across Switzerland through the eyes of protagonist Eugen and his friends. The boys live in Bern, where they discover a treasure map. It is said to belong to Fritzli Bühler, the King of the Rascals. Eugen and his friends set out to look for Fritzli, who lives in Zurich. The boys travel across the country to find him with their parents, farmers and the police on their tails. This award-winning Swiss film adaptation of a classic children’s book was a favourite with audiences in 2005. It can be streamed here along with other films.

Create elaborate creatures

This paper folding game is actually pretty simple: every player gets a sheet of paper and draws a head on it. They then fold over the sheet so that the next person can only see the lines at the bottom. This person draws the neck. You carry on like this until you have created an entire creature. The game is funnier if more people play. If you only have one or two wanting to play, you can also use the Moulin Roty puzzle to create funny figures.

Live story time with the Theater Hannibal

The Hannibal mini-theatre is being forced to take a break from its performances, but Andrea Fischer-Schulthess and her husband Adrian Schulthess couldn’t stop completely: the couple are reading a chapter from the book Jim Knopf every day from Monday to Saturday using puppets, music and plenty of emotion. The story time is streamed live on Facebook every evening at 6 pm. You can then watch it again on YouTube.


This article has been written in collaboration with Stadtlandkind, the biggest Swiss online concept store for the whole family. Their range includes sustainable clothing, accessories, toys, gift ideas as well as beautiful homeware.