Big Green Egg Head makes you the BBQ king

Do you love barbecue season with its succulent steaks and delicious grilled vegetables? Then head for Big Green Egg Head and treat yourself to a premium grill that will bring you a lifetime of BBQ pleasure. Big Green Egg Head also offers an attractive range of services – from installing your Big Green Egg to running barbecue courses in a secluded garden in the heart of Zurich.

‘Like most people in Switzerland, I found barbecuing was like a battle,’ says Durì Campell with a laugh: ‘The grill was too hot, the meat was black on the outside and raw on the inside.’ Until ten years ago, Durì bought a new grill just about every other summer. ‘I tried charcoal grills and gas grills,’ he recalls, but he wasn’t happy with any of them. ‘With gas I was always afraid it might explode, and the dripping fat and lack of flavour were also annoying.’ With the charcoal grill, Durì found it difficult to get the embers just right.

The Big Green Eggs are available in six different sizes.

But then one of Durì’s friends bought himself a Big Green Egg. This kamado-style ceramic grill was originally made in the USA and has been on the market since 1974. ‘My friend was one of the first people to own one in Switzerland,’ says Durì, who was invited along to its christening. ‘I loved it straight away.’ Durì decided to buy a Big Green Egg too – and a short while later he set up Big Green Egg Head to distribute Big Green Egg grills and accessories. Big Green Egg Head is now the biggest premium reseller for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Throughout Switzerland, Big Green Egg Head also has a unique range of additional services, such as try-out evenings, installation and a support hotline.


Durì Campell


The Big Green Eggs are available in six different sizes, with the Big Green Egg Large being the most popular. It is ideal for four people but can also handle food for many more when you have a party. ‘You have to remember that this will be the last grill you ever buy,’ says Durì. That’s why he advises his customers to think about whether they are planning to have a family before they buy one: ‘Otherwise the grill could be too small in ten years’ time,’ he laughs.

It takes just a few minutes to heat up and the temperature can be accurately controlled.

The starter set for the Large model costs 2,302 Swiss francs. ‘The price also put me off a bit at first,’ confesses Durì. But he was won over by the fact that it will last a lifetime, plus all the other advantages of the Big Green Egg. It takes just a few minutes to heat up and the temperature can be accurately controlled: ‘It’s almost impossible for the food on the grill to dry out or go black,’ he says. That’s because the grill has a patented air circulation system and is made of a fine-grained ceramic (also patented), which stores moisture. ‘That’s why barbecuing with the Big Green Egg is totally stress-free.’


It doesn’t allow too much oxygen to enter, which means the coals don’t flare up. As a result, it produces very little smoke, except when you’re lighting the grill or deliberately smoking food. This means you can use the Big Green Egg on your balcony – all year round. The glaze is weather-resistant and doesn’t flake off: ‘It was actually developed for the space shuttle,’ says Durì, ‘so it’s more than good enough for our earthly needs.’

Another argument in favour of the Big Green Egg is that there’s no need to clean it.


The ceramic surface also stays fairly cool, ‘so no one burns their fingers.’ Durì was also won over by the fact that the Big Green Egg is extremely energy-efficient and uses very little charcoal: ‘The charcoal we use is sustainable and comes from the Entlebuch natural reserve.’ Another argument in favour of the Big Green Egg is that there’s no need to clean it. When you’ve finished using it, simply heat it up to 300 degrees C. All the food remains are burned to ashes – just like a self-cleaning oven.


Durì and Big Green Egg Head put on regular try-out evenings in his garden in the heart of Zurich. If you come along and then decide to buy a grill with a full-service package, the cost of the evening is reimbursed. Twice a year Durì Campell also organises special evenings for experienced Big Green Egg owners. ‘Then we make our barbecue dreams come true with things like pulled pork or fish in a salt crust,’ he says. Nowadays, he cooks all kinds of dishes on the Big Green Egg, including bread, roasted chestnuts and paella.

Durì has never regretted buying the green grill: ‘The quality is outstanding.’ That’s why they all come with a lifetime guarantee. ‘But I don’t have any concerns – people in Alaska have been using these grills for years and they still look like new,’ says the boss of Big Green Egg Head.

What does Big Green Egg Head offer?

• Many years of experience with the Big Green Egg, expert advice, recipes and handy tips

• Largest premium reseller for Switzerland and Liechtenstein

• Also available with a full-service package (installation, delivery, brief introduction and support hotline)

• Outdoor showroom with all models from Mini to XL and accessories

• Large warehouse in central Zurich

• Pop-up stores in central Zurich and near Bern and Basel

• Try-out evenings: a chance to test out different barbecues and find the right one for you

• The Big Green Head Academy – for Big Green Egg experts and anyone who would like to become one

Pop-up store

Durì Campell and his Big Green Egg Head team will be welcoming customers to their pop-up location at Lagerstrasse 18c until mid-July. When the weather is good, a Big Green Egg Happy Hour is held every Thursday from 5–7 pm. Several chefs are on hand to prepare delicious food on Big Green Eggs. Please register at


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