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Adventure Rooms • Discount of 5 francs

hellozurichPass holders and the other members of the group can get a discount of 5 francs at Adventure Rooms. With six players, this amounts to 30 francs off the total price. 

Participants have exactly 60 minutes to escape. The group must work together to explore rooms and uncover hiding places and secret doors. You’ll need cunning and curiosity to interpret the meaning of secret objects, devices and symbols. The game does not require any physical exertion, is not dangerous and contains no horror elements – the focus is on fun. This being said, only 30 per cent of groups manage to escape.

This is how you redeem the benefit

Mention that you are a hellozurichPass holder before paying and show your hellozurichPass. All members of the group can benefit from the discount, even if they do not have a hellozurichPass.



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