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HelloZurich is an independent, not-for-profit city magazine. Responsibility for selecting topics rests exclusively with the editorial team. HelloZurich does not use any hidden advertising or product placement. The people and locations presented in the magazine have no influence on the text or photos used.

Small private donations and interest-free micro loans from private individuals

In the test period ending September 2018, HelloZurich was primarily made possible with small private donations as well as interest-free micro loans from private individuals. Without this start-up funding, we would never have got things off the ground. With the help of new private donations, we are able to publish further content for which cost sharing with third parties is not possible.

Members and supporters

Since September 2018, it has been possible to back HelloZurich as a member or supporter with monthly contributions set by the donor. In this way, we are able to publish articles for which cost sharing with third parties is either limited or not possible. Members (private individuals) and supporters (small businesses and SMEs) enjoy many benefits in the city of Zurich.


Under certain circumstances, it is possible for organisations, companies and private individuals to support individual posts or series on a particular topic, either fully or in part.

Social media posts

Although we only posted and linked to our own content on social media (50,000 followers) before August 2018, we would like to start using these channels to draw attention to other locations, events and offers, starting in September 2018 – provided we consider the topic relevant and interesting to our readers, that is. We charge a representation allowance for these posts as well as an added fee to boost the post’s reach.

Financing September 2017 to September 2018 / Goal by end of 2020

53% volunteer work / 2020 goal: 12%
29% interest-free loans from private individuals / 2020 goal: 0%
18% small private donations / 2020 goal: 5%

0% cooperations / 2020 goal: 30%
0% members / 2020 goal: 28%
0% supporters / 2020 goal: 23%
0% compensation for social media posts / 2020 goal: 2%



Christian Schiller
+41 79 190 25 25

Eva Hediger

+41 79 925 92 80

Publisher, idea and conception


Zeltweg 25

8032 Zurich

+41 44 370 25 25

Design and development

Tells Söhne GmbH

Dammstrasse 2

6440 Brunnen

Media data

Detailed media data can be found here.


HelloZurich by Schiller, Zeltweg 25, 8032 Zurich has been a registered sole-proprietorship (CHE-281.703.201) since 19 February 2018. By the end of 2020, the company aims to have become a private limited company (GmbH), to allow outside investment.

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Credit Suisse, Zurich
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