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Become a hellozurich backer with your company and help support our independent city magazine. At the same time, you gain the opportunity to introduce your company or organisation in the pages of the magazine. Only small businesses can become supporters.

A good year ago now, we took our city magazine online. We made the deliberate decision not to crowdfund. For one, we wanted to prove to you – and even to ourselves – that it was possible to launch a new magazine for Zurich. A magazine that has its finger on the pulse and puts the people of our city front and centre. An online magazine that people like to read. One year later, we can report back with pride that we did it. The numbers say it all.

There are many benefits to becoming a supporter.

Become a partner of hellozurich with your company and support the city magazine for just fifty francs a month. You will be helping us give Zurich the face it deserves, well into the future. Good to know: we are not out to make a profit but, instead, are looking to cover the magazine’s operating costs in the medium term.

There are many benefits to becoming a supporter

As a supporter, we also give you a little something in return, of course. We can offer you a reliable platform to showcase your company:

Mentions in our newsletter

Five times a year, we will thank your company for being a supporter in our newsletter – including your logo, copy and link to your website. The hellozurich newsletter currently reaches 6,500 readers.

Reach 55,200 followers with your post on our social media channels

If your newsletter post is relevant to our readers, we will also publish it on our Facebook page (36,000 followers)and as an Instagram story (19,200 followers).

Your name, copy and links on our supporter page

We will present you on the supporter page of our online magazine with your logo, copy and a link to your website. Your company will also appear in the English version of hellozurich, increasing your visibility among expats and tourists.

Mentions in the ‘Latest’ section of the magazine

We regularly thank our supporters in our magazine’s ‘Locations’ and ‘Latest’ section as well as on social media (55,200 followers).

Potential SEO advantages

Your search engine optimisation (SEO) could benefit from the presence of your name and link on hellozurich.ch. We see around 450,000 visitors to our website every year, and the numbers are rising. Unlike other members, our supporters receive so-called do-follow backlinks.

Giveaways on our social media channels

We allow our supporters to run prize giveaways on our Facebook page (36,000 followers). Under certain conditions, an Instagram post is also an option (19,200 followers). Please contact us for details of the conditions for giveaways.

Partner with a strong Zurich brand

Become part of our up-and-coming city magazine and utilise the partnership for your communications.

How to become a supporter

1. Create a member profile

To become a supporter via your company or organisation, you first need to create an individual member profile. Please register using your first name and surname – not your company name.

2. Adjust contribution

The default member contribution for individual members is CHF 60 per year. Please change this to CHF 600 per year or CHF 50 per month to pay the supporter contribution for your company. As the CEO or owner of a supporter company, you are automatically registered as an individual hellozurich member as well and can take advantage of a wide range of member benefits.

Please let us know if you need an invoice for accounting purposes.

3. Logo and teaser text

To display your company or organisation on the supporter page in the magazine, we require a logo (cropped or with a neutral background) and a teaser text of max. 350 characters. We will translate this text for the German-language version of hellozurich.

We are keen to explore Zurich. How about you?

Become a hellozurich partner with your company. Support the independent city magazine for 50 francs a month and enjoy many benefits.