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Schiller Kommunikation

We believe in the power of stories, not in one-size-fits-all marketing. We speak a language that people understand. And we focus on straightforward, unostentatious design. Schiller Kommunikation cuts to the heart of things and gets you noticed. Challenge us with your vision. We are your agency for refreshing PR and communications.




Premium Hospital Jobs

We specialise in comprehensive support for healthcare personnel. Our aim is to make career entry as straightforward and successful as possible for doctors and nurses in Switzerland. Over the years, we have established a wide professional network across Switzerland, which our customers now benefit from.



As an engineering firm, we create traffic concepts and plans and accompany them through to implementation. When carrying out projects in public spaces, we place great importance on uniting the requirements of various social groups while always keeping in mind what makes each place unique.


Autohaus Zürich-Altstetten

First-class cars and top-quality, cost-effective services. We provide professional, specialist assistance in six branded workshops, and have stood for our values since 1948. Car lovers will also love our Zurich-Altstetten garage. Come and meet us at Badenerstrasse 600.


stahl-art Rufer

A brazier, a barbecue, a way of life. Our products can’t give you more leisure time, but they can help you make the most of what you have. Unique designs, hand-crafted to perfection – such as the Swiss steel ‘Feuerkugel’ from Rufer, for healthy barbecues with family, friends or just for you. Live life to the full – and fully enjoy life.




Tells Söhne

Graphic design that will raise your profile. Language that your customers will understand. Advertising that makes its mark. From cross-media campaigns to individual measures – we’ll manage your corporate identity and communications with creativity, care and foresight.





A surfing paradise in the heart of Kreis 5: Thanks to Urbansurf, surfers no longer have to fly to Bali – they can find the perfect wave right next to Hardbrücke.



Home sweet home! Twenty-four-hour care in your own house provides an outstanding alternative to a retirement home. We want you to be able to continue living in a familiar environment. Daily assistance, care and housekeeping you can trust, all from a single source. Benefit from our experience and our large pool of contacts in the elderly care community.


PLAY Warehouse Gym

At PLAY Warehouse Gym, you will hardly find any machines. We train with bodyweight and free weights such as barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls. Integrated in functional training patterns they offer the best returns. Pulling, pushing, lifting, rowing, jumping, throwing are just some of the movements our playful approach to fitness has to offer.




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