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Pre- and postnatal fitness classes: With the hellozurichPass you get a 25% discount on all Mamaklub offers.

Mamaklub is an empowerment platform for women who are in the most challenging phase of their lives: young motherhood. Benefit from multidisciplinary know-how and time- and location-independent training units in the online courses (postpartum and postnatal) or train together with the founder Ramona in the popular Mumfit classes in Zurich: finally feel strong and comfortable in your body again.

In the Mumfit classes, the focus is on building strength and stability, improving general fitness, strengthening the abdominal muscles and of course training motivation, fun and exchange with like-minded mums. Time and offers are scarce for young mums: that's why the child can be taken to the Mumfit classes and there are several classes per week.

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